How to choose the right time tracking tool

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Sep 24, 2020

How to pick the right time tracking solution

Now that you know the benefits a time tracker can bring at every level of your company's growth, it's time to consider the market of time tracking tools now. How to choose the right time tracker for your company? Here are the steps we believe every business owner should take, whether they run a one-person business or managing more than 100 people.

  • Establish the goals of time tracking - How will a time tracker help you in organizing processes? Is it going to make employees more productive? Is it going to help you understand the work of employees? Be sure to understand your goals before you start shopping for a time tracking solution.
  • Consider how your needs might change in the future - If you're running a successful company right now, it's only going to grow. What works for five people might not work for thirty or a hundred. That's why it's critical to see your goals in a broader picture and understand how they might change as your company grows.
  • Understand your current environment – What problems do your employees encounter? You need to have a full understanding of how a time tracker could help to address these problems before turning to the market and looking for the right features.
  • Pick a solution that matches your needs – Make sure that it has all the features and integrations you need right now and will need in 5/10 years as your company grows.
  • Design the process and guidelines – Determine the required frequency, accuracy, and input level. It's critical that your employees know how they're supposed to work with your time tracking tool. Prepare a reliable manual where you outline all of these details.
  • Communicate the change to your employees – Explain your motivation and share the key reasons why you decided to implement this tool. Set a starting date so that the entire team has enough time to read the manual and understand the new process.
  • Start using the tool, all the while monitoring and adjusting it to match your company's evolving needs.
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