The essential software for running a digital agency

Weekly App replaces a dozen of SaaS tools, spreadsheets, custom scripts & integrations and handles time and resource management under one roof. On top of your people and project data, it also provides you with operational intelligence to help you grow your agency profitably.


Weekly App is designed to streamline the whole operational process and facilitate the cooperation of the whole team: from designers and developers through resource planners and project managers up to COOs and clients.

How is that better?

Weekly App is based on principles that will drastically improve your operational efficiency.

Single source of truth

Project allocations, time off and timesheets are kept within one tool thus the data is accurate, up to date and coherent. You no longer need manual, periodic syncs.

Simplification and automation

By supporting the whole delivery cycle (from work allocation up to timesheets sign off) manual parts of the process are drastically reduced, resulting in less tediousness and human error.


Timesheets are no longer the sole responsibility of individuals, instead they are created through the combined effort of the whole team which improves their accuracy and up-to-dateness.

Trustworthy data

By reliably handling project budgets, team’s billable and cost rates as well as currency exchange rates the data is always ready for your interpretation, without the need to recalculate or convert it.


The data is gathered and processed on an ongoing basis to enable you to access reports and insights instantly, without having to wait for the next reporting cycle.


Based on timely data on your team’s availability and performance, Weekly App provides you with reliable forecasts and heads up about risks and bottlenecks.

Meet - a complete time and resource management solution for your team.