Operational intelligence

Real-time financial reports

Make better decisions by having access to real-time reports about the financial performance of your agency and KPIs.

  • Profitability reports on your business, projects and people
  • Financial forecasts based on the work allocation

Multiangular people reports

Avoid back and forth and save everyone's time by having instant reports on your status and needs.

  • Staff availability and bench size reports for sales people
  • Hiring needs report for recruiters
  • Time off usage reports for admin and HR

Detailed time reports

Optimise your performance by measuring and analysing how your teams spend their time.

  • Timesheets w/ advanced filtering and completeness factor
  • Full capacity vs scheduled hours vs logged hours

Project management

Flexible project budgeting

Set your projects for success by always knowing your budget constraints, current progress and remaining resources.

  • Support for fixed price projects, time & material billing and monthly retainers
  • Billable and non-billable projects

Accurate forecasting

Ensure meeting client expectations and company targets by having access to completion time and cost forecasts and being able to make early corrections to the project trajectory.

  • Budget usage with history
  • Total time and cost forecast (based on the future work schedule)

People management

Comprehensive access management

Allow the whole team (from executives through sales, admin, HR, resource management to PM and delivery) to collaborate in a single platform to accelerate communication flow and eliminate human error.

  • Different user types and access levels
  • Tags e.g. to indicate role, seniority, department
  • In-house staff and external contractors
  • Client accounts

Accurate billing information

Benefit from real time reports on your performance thanks to having precise data about the capacity and rates of your teams.

  • Full-time and part-time work capacity
  • Billable rates in multiple currencies
  • Cost rates (fixed monthly salary or rate per hour) in multiple currencies
  • Change history of rates for data integrity

Work scheduling

Versatile scheduling capabilities

Stay on top of all of your work allocations with a robust scheduling interface for your projects and teams.

  • Visual, drag&drop timeline for people and projects
  • Advanced assignment filtering
  • Conflict detection

Timely availability and capacity information

Browse up to date information about your team’s availability and workload to make informed decisions on future work allocations.

  • Remaining capacity and overallocation indication
  • Confirmed absences and tentative time off requests

Hiring needs prognosis

Enable smooth flow of information between resource management, sales and recruitment teams to book talent for projects that you win.

  • Tentative projects with winning probability
  • Staff placeholders with tags

Helpful notifications

Leverage Weekly’s assistance to assign people to projects, resolve conflicts and always know one's work schedule.

  • Email and in-app notifications

Time tracking

Easy time tracking

Log time with ease and joy through a simple interface that adjusts to your time tracking preferences.

  • Start/stop time tracker & manual log
  • Daily, weekly and monthly view

Smart, collaborative timesheets

Spend less time on time tracking and never forget the projects you’ve worked on thanks to timesheet drafts automatically created out of your work schedule.

  • Time tracking suggestions
  • Work allocation preview and tracked time totals

In-built timesheet approval flow

Streamline your process and collect payments quicker by having both project managers and clients approve timesheets straight from Weekly.

  • Internal timesheet approval process
  • Client dashboard with timesheet sign off
  • Timesheet locking
  • Timesheet export

Insightful reporting

Increase your productivity thanks to powerful and versatile reports on how you spent your time.

  • Advanced timesheet filtering
  • Timesheet completeness factor
  • Over hours and missing hours indicator

Helpful notifications

Leverage Weekly’s assistance to remember when to fill your timesheets.

  • Email and in-app notifications

Absence management

Complete time off management

Have people all information up to date thanks to a seamlessly integrated time off module supporting your custom holiday policies.

  • Configurable time off types
  • Paid & unpaid absences and extra working days
  • Yearly allowance with optional flowover
  • National holiday calendars and custom holidays

Real absence approval flow

Replace out-of-sync time off placeholders with fully featured absence management functionality for maximum data up-to-dateness and integrity.

  • Absence request and approval flow
  • Work schedule conflict detection and solution
  • Instant sync with work schedule and time tracking

Intuitive calendar and list views

Quickly find information about your and your team’s planned absences.

  • Individual and team absence calendars
  • Yearly allowance usage reports

Meet - a complete time and resource management solution for your team.