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Boost your agency with operational intelligence

Gain critical insights about your past, present and future performance with intelligent time & resource management software.

The ultimate command center for operations, people and projects, at last!

Streamline your ops by replacing dozens of tools, spreadsheets and manual processes with Weekly App.

Lead your agency to profitability & growth

Make better and quicker decisions by having access to more meaningful, up-to-date and accurate data about the performance of your teams.

Make work more joyful for everyone

Simplify your toolset and processes for more productivity and fun and less tediousness, repetition and human error.

Gain the sixth sense with operational intelligence

Draw better insights from the past, generate more accurate future forecasts and get early warnings about risks and bottlenecks.

Time management software for your team

One tool to plan, monitor and summarise your team's performance and availability.

Project budgeting and forecasting

Set project budgets, monitor your progress in real-time and get accurate forecasts.

Time tracking

Let your team track time easily and always keep your project and billing status up-to-date.

Resource scheduling

Maximise your team's utilisation by having accurate data about your workload, team's capacity and availability.

Absence management

Manage time off allowance and approve absence requests to get instant updates in project schedules.

Operational intelligence

Access smart insights, forecasts, recommendations and alerts to grow your operations profitably.

Designed to help everyone across the board


Find out the performance of your teams, monitor the progress of your projects, instantly generate profitability reports & forecasts and receive AI powered insights and alerts.

Resource Managers

Effortlessly schedule project allocations, manage team members availability, view capacity & utilisation reports and have the whole team automatically aligned on the work to be done.

Project Managers

Monitor the budget usage of your projects, approve team members’ absences, browse detailed time reports and automate the process of signing off timesheets.

HR & Admin Specialists

Manage absence policies and allowance, generate accurate reports on work time and time off and forget about manual reconciliation between dozens of tools and spreadsheets.

Sales Specialists

See who’s available for new projects and when and browse project reports to find out your commision in advance.

Designers & Developers

Effortlessly check your project allocations and track time, request time off and view your remaining allowance.

Finance Specialists

Get accurate real-time reports on time worked, billable amounts, utilization and profitability.


Have your dashboard to view the progress of your projects, find out who’s working and when, and sign off your team’s timesheets.

Meet - a complete time and resource management solution for your team.

The team

Founded by the team behind Sunscrapers - a Python & JS software development shop.

  • Lukasz Karwacki

    Co-founder and CEO

    Many teams still manage time and project allocation of their teams like it’s 2000. They use narrow tools, spreadsheets and manual syncing. Such process is complex, lengthy and prone to human error. You never get accurate reports on time, when you need them. Weekly is here to change that. It gathers the data across the whole company, so it’s always precise and up to date, and equips teams with operational intelligence.

  • Przemek Lewandowski

    Co-founder and CTO

    Our vision is to build a modern command center for professional services firms. Managers assign people to projects, teams log their work time and absences and Weekly gathers all of that data, interprets it and presents reports, insights and alerts. Sounds simple, yet most of the popular tools still have trouble with handling exchange rates or keeping the correct billing history and are far far away from being able to assist with decision making.